We provide structural services to all type and size of project, whether it’s a small extension or a multi-million pound refurbishment or new build, our team is fully experienced to provide high quality of structural design. Contact us and discuss your project.


We create unique and sustainable engineering and design consultants structural design and calculation report, including technical drawings, and project specifications in accordance with up-to-date building regulations and local council requirement. Our team are experienced with providing there service to all trades working in industry. Whether you are builder, developer or a house owner we can help with your project. Our design can help if you are carrying any construction project, including extensions, property alteration, new builds, loft conversions, steel frame building design and many more.

Building Design

Structural Design

Load Bearing Wall


Structural Survey

Structural Consultants

Our structural engineers provide structural design solutions and structural investigation services to all type of project including residential, new build and commercial. As part of our structural engineering design calculation package, our structural engineers will prepare a detailed technical drawings, structural calculations, structural inspection, and specifications for local building control approval and will guide you through each process of design including inspections to building works, carried by your consultant or contractor. This is to ensure that you receive the most sustain, cost-effective and safe design and build solution.

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Structural Design

As a well established practice in structural engineering design, we have considerable professional experience practice who can offer a wide range of professional design services, not restricted to structural engineering only, but covering all aspects of structural design and building construction. We are a one stop solution for client, providing all service as a construction consultants. We can also help with party wall surveys, along with acting as CDM co-ordinators and project expert witnesses.

Design Structure

If you are looking to build a new project or alter an existing building, we can help with all type of project.

Structural Load

We carry survey for a new build or existing buildings, providing a detail report on overall analysis on building structure.  


If you are experiencing a crack to walls/floors or roof or subsidence, we can help remediate all type of structural issues. 


We provide a detailed drawing for your project, include foundation layout, plans, elevations, structural calculations and report. 

Civil Structural Engineer

We offer the best construction engineering and structural design services, hence we are known to be the best structural engineer consultant. We offer vast range of structural engineering services including architectural structural engineer and residential structural engineers. Our structural building engineer services includes, structural engineer for extension, structural engineer for loft conversion, structural engineer for retaining wall. Our civil and structural design service includes road designs, 278 road works design, drainage design, culvert design, soak away and many more. Contact us or search us by typing civil engineering companies, civil engineer consultancy, and civil engineering firms. 

Our Team

Our team are fully experienced with all type and size of project. Our team use latest tools and techniques to offer the best structural steel design, load bearing structure, engineer for construction and sustain design for your building project. We specialise in building and design solutions. Our team can handle any complex building and structures for both commercial developers or residential cleints. We use tools like 2D CAD, 3D BIM model, Tekla, Revit, Load Hydraulics, 3D Lumina, and many more. Our team offer service to most part of UK. Contact us to find out more.

Design Codes

Our team of structural engineers are mindful of latest building codes for all type pf loading including building frame design.

Latest Techniques

We ensure that we use latest tools, software, and innovative technology for the design of any building construction.

Expertise in Design

Our professional team manage all structural design works, this is to ensure that our clients get the best results for their project.

Team Collaboration

Our team work collaborate with every trade, involved within construction of building project, so to have a success completion of project.

Creativity & Innovation

We continuous invest in creativity and innovating new ideas. We conduct workshops to expand knowledge.

Areas We Cover

We cover a wide range of areas to ensure that all clients can benefit from our services. Contact us today and lets get started.




Frequently Most Asked

The cost of structural engineer will vary based on type and size of project. For example, property extension can range from £600 to £2500 - it also depend on complexity and location. For a loft conversion the charges are normally between £400 to £1800.

It is best to appoint a qualified structural engineer, to provide RSJ design and calculations. All professional and reputable builders request for structural engineers advice so to have a safe construction for client. We can help with designing RSJ and safe opening of structure. Contact us by searching, engineering and design consultants, structural engineering companies UK, Structural Engineering consultants UK, structural engineering firms, structural engineering firms London, or structural engineer near me.

You should make sure they are chartered and well experienced. You should contact them and speak to them to have an in depth understanding whether the individual has enough knowledge. They should be chartered member of professional bodies and adequate personal indemnity insurance.

The answer is YES, you would require a structural engineer if wall is load bearing. The structural engineer will provide necessary RSJ / Wind post design and calculations for safe removal of walls and creating a safe opening to your property.

The difference between civil engineering and structural engineering is that the civil engineers are involved at early stage of project to assess and design the initial design and planning of building construction. However, structural engineer duty is to focus on structural integrity of building and determining the load bearing of structure and materials data sheet.


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