We are strucuural engineers who can years of experience on range of projects. We cover all sort of sectors within construction including residential, commercial, refurbishments, restorations, extensions and property conversions.


We always conform to the building regulations and legislation of the local authorities. Our engineers are efficient and above board when designing or drafting technical details to any project. Our team assist to all trades in construction including architects, town planner, building contractors and developers. We also offer cost effective design and safe engineering construction. Contact us and find out more. 

Structural Works

Technical Report

Level Report

Load Bearing Structure

Survey Assessment

Structural Design

We deal with all sorts of construction issues including ground settlement movements, floor joist strengthening, lateral pressure cracked walls caused by subsidence. Upon completion of survey a full comprehensive written report is formed which summarises all areas needing to be addressed. This detailed analysis also includes the cost breakdown and items for action to be taken for any remedial measure to be carried out. It also advises on whether further investigations should precede any repair or replacement works. However, if the repairs will be expensive then our report gives cost estimates without obligation.

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Expert Design Engineers

Our team of skilled structural designers, BIM Revit modelers, and Tekla experts make sure to fulfil the exact requirements of building’s construction, that we work on. Our experts comply with the latest design codes and regulations as outlined in construction industry. Our structural designing services includes, detailed feasibility analysis, initial conceptual design, detailed and value costings of different design and details in great depth, lateral Shear force and bending movement analysis, Technical Specification etc.

Building Design

Whether you looking to build a new home or expand your existing house, we’re here to help

Survey Detail

We can help provide a detail property analysis whether it is commercial or residential. 

Crack Detection

We can investigate and determine the root cause of cracks and remediation strategy to strengthen the structure.

Calculation Data

Dilapidation inspection reports and load bearing assessments are assessed by our structural engineers in Shrewsbury.

Our Process

Various factors that can be used to determine the structural integrity and longevity of the building.


Most factors impacting the structure's integrity and longevity are considered at this phase. As a result, one or more alternative are proposed based on structure types that provide the best and an all-around solution. The purpose and life span of the building is taken into account. Secondary factors are also reviewed which includes the aesthetics use, society purpose, and environment.


Once the planning has been conducted the next stage is design and technical details. This leads to the selecting option that is most appropriate. Various proportions, dimensions, and specifics of the links between the structural components are used to build each structure by our structural design engineers.


The final phase is the construction of works as per planning and design provided by our structural engineers in shrewsbury.

structural engineering

Why Choose US

Our specialty areas include innovative structural design solutions for construction by our highly qualified engineers - we stand miles ahead of our competitors and are a UK-wide first choice in this area. We cover all areas, for more information search for structural engineers in shrewsbury, structural engineers Birmingham, structural engineers Wolverhampton , structural engineer cannock.

Structural Codes

Our structural engineers are make sure they use the latest code of practice and structural codes.

Revit Software

Our experts use the latest revit tools, update softwares, and equipment for designing the construction of any structure.

Experience Matter

Out expert team have years of experience in designing critical projects and ensure they delivered within timescale and are accurate.


We always collaborate with all the stakeholders and other trades involved in project either pre-contract stage or post construction activities.


We offer practical and sustainable solutions to all construction designs, we combine creativity along with innovation.


Frequently Most Asked

Structural engineers have set skill knowledge regarding the structural element of property. They are consultants who handle every aspect of the building's design. There responsibility is to make sure the structure is safe and sound. There approach to each project is carefully considered and analysed since no building project is created equally.


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Look no further than Cullinan Construction Consultants. With years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry, we will always be able to offer you the best solutions for your project.

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