We offer professional construction management contractors service to clients in all sectors. Our experienced project managers deliver projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards to ensure value for money.

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Employers Agent

We are expert in project management solution, we offer an effective employer’s agent service to manage and control your construction project.

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Construction Management

Construction management can be provided by our team to coordinate the design team and monitor construction activities.

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Owners Representative

As a client representative, we can also provide specialist project managers with skills to suit any project type in all sectors.


In the course of a construction project, an Employer’s Agent or Contracts Administrator represents a developer or investor. During the design and build phases of a project, the Agent represents its client and contractor’s interests throughout contract. This role requires comprehensive management expertise and track record experience in managing projects through the designing and planning. Get in touch for more information or look for employers agent near me.

How does an Employers Agent help in your project?

On all traditional or design and build projects, an Employer’s Agent will be required to ensure that project budgets are met, work is completed on as per programme, safety procedures are followed, and quality standards are met. To meet the clients’ needs, our Employer’s Agents work towards project budget, time, quality and safety objectives. With our team’s analytical approach, we are able to manage the project from start to finish with clear communication and effective reporting tools.
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Building Contractors Birmingham & Project Management

In order to deliver project success, we combine technical knowledge, broad application experience, and proven methodologies. The team examines quality, resource, and time issues, utilises collaborative tools for transparency, and reports regularly and transparently. Diverse backgrounds and expertise in both construction and property make up our team’s strength. As a result, technical understanding of construction management contractors, building report, dilapidations, builders issues, and technical due diligence are combined with project management skills. 

A Complete Construction Project Management

Construction contractors and builders are managed effectively throughout the project by recognizing and planning for risks. We provide our clients with succinct reporting and detailed advice. A project’s success depends on four factors: establishing a quality approach, managing construction contractors and builder, project commercial status and team collaboration to deliver the project on time and under budget. We cover all area including building contractors Birmingham and construction contractors Shrewsbury.

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The Digital Construction Contractors & Management

Throughout all commercial sectors, we build long-term relationships based on trust, experience and proven ability.


Sustainable Construction

Clients' sustainability goals are important to us.


Construction Contractors & Builders

Our aim is to work in collaboration with team for project success.

Skilled Team

Are you seeking highly efficient and reliable Contractors and Construction Project Management services? Cullinan Construction Consultants take great pride in mentioning that it is a reputed project management firm with a passionate team of highly experienced project managers and employers agent. The professionals are sincerely dedicated to helping their varied clients including builders to achieve their specific goals irrespective of the complexity of their projects.

Bespoke Solution

As a trusted project management consultancy, we offer the solutions.

Sustainable Construction

We create the best plan and techniques for a sustainable approach by effective sourcing and managing.

Team of Experts

Having support from a credible team of experts, you can be sure that your project is in safe and trained hands.


we constantly strive to introduce innovative methods to ensure minimal project risk along with profit maximization.

Client Support

We use of the latest tool, software’s and advanced technology to handle all projects we take.

Our Bespoke Services

We offer bespoke service to every client. All our clients / contractors and builders are given due attention and that each project we take up is handled with utmost care. Furthermore, we build an effective strategies to the client’s precise requirements and come up with an achievable project solutions including budget and deadline. We serve all locations including construction contractors Shrewsbury and building contractors Birmingham.


Frequently Most Asked

The goal of construction management contractors is to ensure the successful completion of a project using specialised techniques, tools, and resources.

• Pre-planning • Design Stage • Cost and Time allocation • Procurement • Construction and build process

It is important as they help you determine various problems, allow you to check on the progress, look at the inventory, and prepare materials that are required to complete the project.

It helps you review all the factors that ensure a safe and sound environment for workers. Contractors review processes that involve hazardous materials and ensure the safe use of equipment.

We have a team of keen observers who know what it takes to ensure success in the project. Our dedicated contractors are experienced and qualified and have performed several site visits. Moreover, our pricing plans are flexible and affordable for every budget, which further makes us an excellent choice for your project.

We cover all area - Tilford, Bridgnorth, Stafford, Shropshire, Wolverhampton, Wrexham, Chester, including building contractors Birmingham and construction contractors Shrewsbury.


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