We offer tailored Structural Design Solutions for new builds, commercial building, refurbishments, residence extensions and conversions.


Our engineers will plan and create an effective design calculation, technical drawings and specifications for your project, in line with building regulation and local approval. We also provide assistance in dealing with planners and liaising with contractors to achieve the most cost-effective and safe construction solutions.

Structural Calculation

Technical Design


Load Bearing Report

Survey Report

Structural Design & Survey Report

Whether it’s cracks in walls, subsidence, or foundation movement, we provide a detailed reports for both homeowners and commercial clients.
Details of the inspection and findings are included in the report. In addition to stating whether there is a problem, it will also stipulate what needs to be done to rectify the problem or whether further investigation is necessary. In the event that repairs/remedial works are recommended, or further investigations are required, the report will provide a budget cost for these works. Get in touch with our structural engineer Wolverhampton, structural engineers Chester, structural engineers Shrewsbury, and structural engineers Telford.

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Structural Design

Our team of experienced designers, BIM modelers, and Revit experts make sure to meet the exact requirements of any building’s construction. Our experts follow all the design codes relevant to the construction industry. Our designing services includes, Feasibility analysis, Conceptual design, Comparison of the costs of different design and details in great depth, Shear force and beading movement details, Specification engineering etc. 

Structural Design

Building a new home or knocking down a partition wall, we’re here to help

Survey Report

In order to identify the condition of your new home, we provide a detailed survey report

Crack Monitor

We can determine the true cause of cracks and recommend the best solutions

Technical Calcs

We can provide a Load bearing assessments and detailed delap inspection reports

Our Process

The three structural design stages that are followed under our engineer design services:


Many factors impacting the structure's dimensions and design are considered at this stage. As a result, one or possibly more alternative structure types are selected that provide the best all-around solution. The purpose of the building is taken into consideration. Secondary factors are reviewed which includes aesthetics, society, law, economics, and the environment.


The potential options outlined in the planning phase are thoroughly examined in this phase. This leads to the selection of the most appropriate solution. Proportions, measurements, and specifics of the connections between the structural components used to build each alternative structural arrangement under consideration are considered at this level by the structural design engineers.


This phase entails site plan and safe mobilisation, material and equipment acquisition, site-specific transportation, onsite erection. If unanticipated, it will give rise to issues during this phase, such as a lack of specified materials or foundation issues. Hence, structural design has to be in line with these three steps.

structural engineering

Why Choose US

Building and design solutions are our expertise. Whether it's a commercial or residential project, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our experts engineers are specialised in design and provide clients with the best construction design solutions. For more information look for structural engineers Telford, structural engineers Chester, structural engineers Shrewsbury, structural engineer Wolverhampton.

Design Codes

Our structural engineers are fully aware of latest code of practice and design codes.

Latest Software

We make use of the latest tools, softwares, and equipment for the construction of any structure.


We have a team of professionals who handle all structural design work, ensuring our clients get the best results.


As a team, we work in close collaboration with clients and contractors, and we take into consideration all the aspect of project.


In order to provide practical solutions, we combine creativity with innovation.


Frequently Most Asked

Structural engineers are consultants who handle every aspect of the building's skeleton which is in many ways comparable to the human body. Engineers are responsible for all aspects of a building's frame. Our responsibility is to ensure that the structure and foundation of a building are able to support any loads that might be applied. Our suggestions for changes and repairs are based on considerations such as practicality, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. Our approach to each project is carefully considered since no building is created equally.

It is necessary to hire a structural engineer if you want to change the structure of a building in any way. It may prove risky or even dangerous to attempt this task on your own. In both cases, you must make precise beam calculations before you can work on load-bearing walls or remove chimney breasts - because, in both cases, work can be conducted safely only if accurate beam calculations are made. A engineer is also required whenever a new construction is required. Adding extensions and opening up an exterior wall to make room for a new space are other instances when you might need a structural engineer. Building foundations, floors, and roofs follows the same philosophy.

Our engineer can use existing architectural plans if you already have them. Upon receiving no plans or inadequate plans, our team will need to assess the structural changes required and come up with a building regulation-compliant design.

Although it is difficult to provide a pre-determined quote, We offer free consultation to provide details about all costs according to your project. Payment is due only after you have completed the calculations.

We cover all areas. Contact us for structural engineers Telford, structural engineer Wolverhampton, structural engineers Shrewsbury, structural engineers Chester.


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