We offer the best solution for structural designs for your project. We cover all sort of project ranging from residential, commercial, hospital, industrial, and many more.


In compliance with local building regulations and council approval, our structural engineers solihull will prepare detail design calculations, technical drawings, and bespoke specifications for your project. Our team also assists all the trades in construction including contractors, developers and planners to achieve the most cost-effective, sustainble and safe construction solutions.

Structural Design

House Extension

Structural Drawings

Structural Cracks

Load Bearing Wall

Structural and Architectural Drawings

Our Design consultants and structural engineers in solihull will walk you through the entire process for a complete design solution. 

Upon completion of your Concept design for your new build house or extension, we draft a structural report and design based on the architect design. This is to make sure the building designed is structurally sound. The structural design includes designing of  internal and external wall and bearing load, foundation capacity, flooring detail, roof loading, etc. We also deal with existing structural issues with buildings. Like wall cracks, ground subsidence,  foundation movement, retaining wall and many more. We Provide design and structural engineering solution to both homeowners and commercial developers.

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Our Team

Our independent firm is comprised of a team of experienced and chartered members of professional bodies, offering detailed and comprehensive structural assessments to both private clients and commercial stakeholders.

Our experienced structural designers, BIM modelers, and Revit Tekla experts ensure that any building’s construction meets the exact requirements and inline with latest regulation. Structural design services include Structural survey, concept 3D design, design analysis, Cost and sustainability comparisons, and many more. Contact us and find out more.

Structural Design

WE provide a complete in-house design and calculations for your building project. 

Survey Analysis

We carry a site survey to determine an in-depth analysis of your building project. 

Load Bearing

We analyse the actual cause of structure failure and what has led to structure crack. 

Technical Spec

Upon reviewing your building project we create a detail technical specification.  

Why Choose US

We are experienced in building and design solutions. We handle all type and size of projects, whether they are new build houses, existing renovations or commercial building. Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your needs and project requirement, based on the information our team creates a bespoke design that fits your needs along with potential value added to property. We also provide reports on existing buildings and properties, and a design solution along with cost indications to reification or renovation. Contact Solihull Structural engineers and designers to explore ways of making your home better.

Latest Design

Our design structural engineers last the latest and innovative design codes to fulfill your requirement.

Up-to-date Tools

We use the latest technology and tools to produce our bespoke design. The tools help us to have a zero error project design.


Our professional team of structural engineers have years of experience working on all types and size of building project.


Our team of surveyors and designers work in close collaboration with all parties involved in project.


Our team are forward driven and open to learn and implement new ideas, bringing innovation to all projects, taken. on board.


Frequently Most Asked

Structural engineer is import to determine the structural integrity of building. For each property a structural engineer looks at every single thing forming its structure to ensure both foundation and super-structure are strong enough to support the live and dead load.

Our engineers have years of experience in providing structural guidance have adequate knowledge to offer advice on structural assessment of existing or new building and offer a detailed drawing plans in 2D and 3D.


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