Our construction quantity surveyors are highly experienced. We will provide a detailed and effective solutions to reduce the project costs and improve the performance, ensuring project success at every stage.


We are a team of chartered RICS quantity surveyors and construction project cost estimator, we acquire years of experience in construction cost management within the building construction industry. As a RICS quantity surveying firm, we offer our clients with professional and reliable services. We are the one of the best quantity surveying firms who have made a reputable name in industry by delivering success to each project. We offer well detailed construction cost analysis, construction project scheduling, and construction project planning.

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Construction Cost Consultants Service!

Our mission is to provide our clients with a professional and most reliable quantity surveying services. Our services cover all sectors including residential, commercial, house extensions, conversions, new builds, and retail construction. With expertise in estimating construction costs, quantity surveyors and construction project management, we provide expert advice on detailed project costs, procurement route and contract administration strategy throughout the project, and in accordance with clients and project requirements. Due to our expert services we stand out among other quantity surveying firms.

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Cost Plan

A cost plan is one of the most essential requirements when it comes to estimate a building or any construction project. We have the best construction cost management team including managing quantity surveyor, who prepare detailed cost plans so you can have the exact project estimates which helps you to understand an overall project cost. We produce a detailed and comprehensive cost plan including a time schedule, making sure that the client or developer gets the best and quality service. We also prepare tender qualification questionnaire along with tender bids which can help you to compare the quotes/tenders received and analyse which suits you the best in regards to workmanship, quality and cost. All our costs are based on local area rates provide the most accurate cost plan to our clients. Contact us if you need the best quantity surveyors and construction project cost estimator.

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Years Experience

Benefits of our Quantity Surveyors

We have a team of expert professional quantity surveyors and construction cost consultants. We offer.

  • Project Cost Plan
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Detailed Bill of Quantity BOQ
  • Interim Valuations
  • Change Order 
  • Cost Control 
  • Variations
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Tender Analysis
  • Cost Break Down Structure
  • Contingency 
  • CVR / CV / PV
  • Final Account
  • Contractors Management
  • Risk Rate Analysis
  • BIM Model 
  • Retention 
  • Commercial building surveyors

Bill Of Quantity

We provide a bill of quantities document that highlights the items measured and quantities of work items including rates and total sum. 

Work Schedule

Along with preparing bill of quantities we also provide a detailed schedule of works. This highlight the work activity along with program. 

Tender Review

Our team of experts provide detail tendering analysis so to ensure that the entire process cover all aspect of project cost.  

Project Contract

Our team of experts prepare and review all the contracts prior agreeing to the terms. Working in the interest of client. 

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Our clients on average save 21.3% on projects

Contact us to get the best and most reliable quantity surveying, estimating and construction cost management service in UK!

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Why Choose US

For project cost planning and quantity surveying, choose Cullinan Construction Consultants. We provide a detaield cash flow allowing you to understand your budget and effectively manage the funds. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:


We are the best in cost management and quantity surveying services due to our years of experience.


We have a highly skilled and experienced team of quantity surveyors, estimators and project managers.

Trusted Firm

Our services are well detailed which develop trust in our clients hence most of our clients are repetitive.

Manageable Plans

We provide budget friendly cost plans and various options that suits your need and project requirement.

Cost Control

We utilise latest tool, updated software’s and advanced technology for estimating, managing and tacking project cost.

Ensure Success with Tender Analysis

Are you concerned about choosing an appropriate construction contractor? As part of our pre-contract stage and quantity surveying service, we conduct a thorough tender analysis that eliminates any stress or complications from the evaluation process, providing peace of mind to client.
With our detailed tender analysis service, you can compare all the bids recieevd along with qualification questionnaire. This process highlights which construction builder offers the best quality, value for money and suitability for your project. By drawign a comparing chart on cost plans, you can decide which contractor to hire. It simply remove the risk of employing non-compatable contractor.

Cost Accuracy and Material Take-off

For accurate project estimates, it is extremely important to perform an error-free project material takeoff. It is therefore crucial to appoint a professional construction estimator or quantity surveyor for your construction or building project. This helps the client know exactly how much material will be required. We use latest tools and softwares to do the take-ff as well as manual so that to ensure the accuracy on quantities. We are experst in all sectors incluing residential and commercial.

Areas We Cover

We cover a wide range of areas to ensure that all clients can benefit from our services. Contact us today and lets get started.











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Frequently Most Asked

Construction cost planning is an extremely important step that can help you understand where the costs fall to manage the demand for resources. Without proper construction cost planning, you will always be confused because you couldn’t understand when, how, and where to invest significantly.

Yes, of course. Our cost planning process involves detailed analysis of costs, budget formation, and cost control through procurement and construction phases. All the resources that consume costs are included in the schedule so you don’t have any confusion in the process.

Yes, there are mainly 4 stages involved in cost planning. Resource planning cost, estimating cost budgeting, and cost control.

We implement various processes for cost control. Most importantly, we plan the budget properly, monitor all expenses carefully, manage time, and give suggestions about cost control based on the current situation and analysis.

Our costs are feasible for all the clients so you don’t have to worry about prices. Share your details with us and we will provide you with a free quote to begin. For more price estimates, contact us directly and we will be here to give you price details.

Our team of Quantity Surveyors and others in the field are responsible for tender analysis and have years of knowledge and expertise. So, you don’t have to worry about the transparency and efficiency of the process.

Yes, there is. These two processes are closely related but actually, they are two different processes. Material takeoff means, you need to get an accurate list of items and quantities required for the project. And then there comes an estimate which is built by determining materials pricing and calculating different costs like labour, equipment, and others.

Construction documents have lots of types which mainly include contractual documents, safety reports, subcontractor applications, work orders, schedules, architectural drawings, and many more.

Groundworks quantity surveyor are similar to normal QS's. The only difference is they are expert estimating and surveying groundwork service, like foundation, cut and fill, road works, drainage, and utilities.


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