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You acknowledge that by filling out and sending us your credit/debit card information in a “unapproved order” for service or purchase, you have read the information provided, understand your rights and the limitations that apply to them, and that you want to make an offer to buy the Product on the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. Any terms or conditions that conflict with this Agreement in your order or inquiries are null and void.

  • We will review the “unapproved order” and give you an email confirming that the “approved order” has been authorised.
  • Without providing a justification, we reserve the right to reject any unapproved services or orders.
  • The same goes against unauthorised service or order, or an authorised order that violates the established rules and restrictions (in this document or on any special offers).


1.1 You can access most of this website’s content with or without registering with us.

1.2 At any moment, we may update this posting to reflect changes to these terms and conditions. You should periodically check this website to evaluate the terms and conditions because they are legally binding on you.

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Purchase from us:

2.1 By using our online checkout method or placing an order over the phone, you are presumed to have done so with us. You will have the chance to review your order and make any necessary corrections throughout our checkout process.

We will email you an order acknowledgement that includes information on the services and goods you ordered.

2.2 When we dispatch an order, we are deemed to have accepted it. Unless we have informed you that we do not accept your order or you have cancelled it, the purchase contract will be made when we dispatch the product, even if your money has been processed right away.

2.3 If a product is out of stock, we can’t authorise your payment, there was a pricing or product description error, or you don’t fulfill any eligibility requirements outlined in our terms and conditions, we may refuse to accept your order.


3.1 VAT is not included in any prices or rates, but it will be shown separately and added to the final price.

3.2 The applicable rates are outlined in our stated pricing structure, which is displayed elsewhere on this website, where we separately charge for packing, carriage, insurance, and other pertinent costs.

3.3 Without warning, our rates are routinely updated.

Policy on cancellations and returns:

4.1 If you wish to cancel your order, you may do so in one of two ways: (a) before the goods or services have been delivered to you, by sending an email to admin@cullinan-uk.com; or (b) if the goods have already been delivered to you, by returning them to us in accordance with clause 4.2 below.

4.2 You have seven days from the time of delivery to return any items you purchased from us for any reason and receive a full refund or swap them. You will be responsible for paying the costs of returning items to us.

4.3 After deducting any costs Cullinan Construction Consultants may have incurred for the project, we will reimburse the remaining sum, less any exchange credit that may be necessary, upon delivery of the items.

4.4 Services such as interior, exterior, structural works, and general building services are NOT covered by the right to return the items to us as described in section 4.3. All service fees paid to Cullinan Construction Consultants are non-refundable, unless specifically stated otherwise with a specific client or customer in writing.

We reserve the right to keep a payment for three months if a customer or client decides to terminate a paid service for any reason, including, without limitation. After that time, we will send an additional invoice for any unpaid balance that must be paid in full.

Custom/ Personalised Orders:

Orders cannot be canceled without the company’s or an individual’s written authorisation and under conditions that will hold the company harmless from any losses or damages that may result. Without the company’s approval, returned goods will not be accepted for credit.

Contracts covering the supply of products produced or purchased to the Purchaser’s specifications or at the Purchaser’s request cannot be canceled by the Business for any reason. Such goods must be accepted by the Buyer and fully paid for.

The Purchaser will also be responsible for paying The Company for any partially finished items, material stocks, and equipment used in the production or supply of such goods.


5.1 You may print and download portions of this website for your own use, provided that

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5.4 These terms reserve any rights that are not explicitly given in them.


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7.2 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit our liability for: I fraud; (ii) misrepresentation as to a material fact; (iii) death or personal injury caused by negligence (as such term is defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977); or (iv) any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable UK law.

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Rules and jurisdiction for government:

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9.1 You are not allowed to transfer any of your rights under these terms and conditions by assignment, sublicense, or any other means.

9.2 If any court of competent jurisdiction rules that any provision of these terms and conditions is illegal, the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall continue to be in full force and effect, will not be impacted.

9.3 Under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, only the parties to this agreement may attempt to have it enforced.


Payment must be made before the shipment of the product. We take cash, the majority of credit and debit cards, personal checks, business checks, and bacs payments. Credit cards have a handling fee of 2.5 percent.


Interior design services are provided

Interior design services fall within a broad area of services, as described above. If different from the list of generic services below, the exact services to be delivered by Cullinan Construction Consultants will be specified in writing between the Client and Cullinan Construction Consultants prior to engagement.

These services could consist of programming and schematic design, among other things. Research, identifying and analysing the client’s needs and goals, evaluating the current environment, and assessing the project’s resources and constraints are all included in programming.

Interviews with the Client or family members will assist Cullinan Construction Consultants completely understand the aims for the use and desired output. A good design demands the collaboration of both the Client and Cullinan Construction Consultants.

Depending on the situation, Cullinan Construction Consultants will provide conceptual drawings, CAD diagrams, or other examples and/or materials to generally demonstrate the suggested interior design concepts, including space and/or floor plan specifications and furniture, furnishing, fixture, textile, and/or accessory specifications.

Product Specifications. A crucial step in the design process is selecting the appropriate furniture, fixtures, textiles, accessories, and building supplies (together referred to as Merchandise). In order to reduce the options based on the client’s preferred scheme, Cullinan Construction Consultants collaborates with the client.

Cullinan Construction Consultants will offer the Client assistance in locating the right furniture and in making textile and finish choices that go well with the overall design theme. Specifications for the recommended merchandise can be given to make it easier for you to buy them, and most of the recommended merchandise will be something the client can get online or from nearby furniture retailers. The following definitions of purchasing services are also available from Cullinan Construction Consultants.

Ad hoc suggestions or qualified interior design advice. Ad hoc consultations with Cullinan Construction Consultants are offered to address a variety of design-related queries, such as what paint finish should I choose and how to interpret my floor plans.

Cullinan Construction Consultants disclaims all liability for any designs that may out to be unfavorable or inconvenient in the future. The client is aware that any interior designs, including those offered by Cullinan Construction Consultants, may reflect the designer’s opinion and preferences as the designer interprets the client’s objectives and preferences.

Drawings and specifications from Cullinan Construction Consultants are conceptual in nature and only designed to express design intent. Unless as otherwise specified in writing or by email, they are not to be used for or by other sectors. Designs utilised for such a reason are not the responsibility of Cullinan Construction Consultants.

Ownership of Designs

All concepts, drawings, and specifications created by Cullinan Construction Consultants (also known as Project Documents) always remain the exclusive property of Cullinan Construction Consultants.

Project documents cannot be utilised by the client for anything other than Cullinan Construction Consultants finishing the project. If the nature of the Project necessitates that the Client employ any contractors to carry out work in accordance with concepts, drawings, or interior design specifications provided by Cullinan Construction Consultants, the Client will do so after receiving written consent from Cullinan Construction Consultants.

Subcontractor Accountability

Cullinan Construction Consultants can recommend installation and contractors. In addition, Cullinan Construction Consultants may meet with installers and contractors to obtain quotes and to inspect their work to see if it is generally continuing in accordance with Cullinan Construction Consultants ideals.

To the client, we extend this politeness. However, Cullinan Construction Consultants responsibilities do not include continuously monitoring contractors’ work at the Project site. The performance, quality, timely completion, or delivery of any work, materials, or equipment given by contractors are not the responsibility of Cullinan Construction Consultants.

In the event of a dispute between the Client and the recommended installers or contractors, Cullinan Construction Consultants will not arbitrate the matter.

Getting services

Buying services from Cullinan Construction Consultants or having London Building Contractors buy goods for the customer or client are both examples of purchasing services.

Site Visits

Free site visits from Cullinan Construction Consultants are subjected to newly form land for cut/fill, newly formed utilities, CAT A/CAT B commercial units. Domestic foot-print structures not included. To find more about free site visits please contact us on admin@cullinan-uk.com 

Pre-approval for purchases

Cullinan Construction Consultants will specify the goods it will buy through the client in a Purchase Order (PO) email before sending it for the client’s written approval (email reply is acceptable). Each PO will specify the item, its pricing, and the anticipated shipping charges to the Client (if available). A pro forma Invoice may be used to send a PO.

Freight prices are frequently unavailable when an order is placed. Even if they weren’t included in the PO or pro forma invoice, the Client agrees to pay corresponding freight if they are not available.

Sales tax is typically collected by Cullinan Construction Consultants. The Customer will bear liability if sales tax is not collected.

Buy Downpayment

Cullinan Construction Consultants won’t place an order for anything until they have received the PO acceptance and the deposit. The down payments needed are: Standard (Non-Custom) (Non-Custom) 50% of merchandise 100% custom merchandise.