Our team provide structural engineer services to all type of project including commercial and residential and all trades in construction industry, including  contractors, homeowners, commercial clients and many more. 


With our structural engineers, you will receive a professional detailed design calculation, technical drawings, and detailed specifications that will comply with local building regulations and planning approval. Our team is known for delivering exceptional services ranging from new builds, commercial projects, extensions or conversions of residential, refurbishments and many more. In addition to the above, our post-design management services ensure safe and cost-effective construction method are implemented by building contractors.

Structural Engineers

2D Drawings

Structural Calculations

Load Bearing Wall

Ground Subsidence

Design Structural Engineers

Our competent engineers at Cullinan Construction Consultants will work closely with you to develop a sustanable design and building calculations, technical drawings and well detaield specifications conforming to strucural euro code standards and local authority approval.

We ca help if you are experiencing wall cracks, subsidence problems or foundation movements, basement issue, ground water table fluctuation. We provide a comprehensive reports detailing all the issues to your building and remediation strategy. The assessment we make helps in identifying potential property issues as well as providing detailed solutions on how to resolve them or if necessary go further into investigation. Remedial work or repairs required for your structure will be also quoted in the report.

Contact our structural engineers based in Coventry about any issue or to improve the quality of your property overall.

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Expert Team

We employ hi-tech designers, BIM modelers, Revit / Tekla technicians as well as architectural engineers to ensure high quality design and uniqueness to project. Prior to design one of our expert team arrange a meeting with client to understand their needs and requirement including overall budget to complete the project. Based on the information we create a sustain design that not only fulfill clients requirement also falls within budget.

Our technical drawing and specifications includes shear force calculation, bend movement diagram analysis, live load measure, dead load calculation, lateral pressure, movement joints requirement. The technical drawings are always drawn considering the longevity of structure.

Structural Design

We can hep if you require a structural design for your property. We prepare a  detailed report and design. 

Detailed Survey

Our reports are fully detailed, highlighting the issues that you property id under and a remediation strategy. 

Building Crack

Our team of experts are specialised in determining the actual cause by use of latest tools and techniques. 

RSJ Calculation

If you are looking for a structural engineer to provide a load bearing wall (RSJ) beam  calculation. we can help. 

Why Choose US

We specialise in minor to complex building and design solutions. No matter what type of project is, we have the expertise to handle it from very start to finish. Our structural engineers are experts in detail design and provide clients with the best construction design solutions. Our survey reports contain a wide range of detailed documents that describe the structural integrity of your building’s structure. Our report also includes cost detail for the rectification or safe method of works. Furthermore, we also carry out comprehensive dilapidation surveys to highlight any structural and cosmetic issues and assess the longevity of structure.

Euro Codes

Our structural engineers are fully update and aware of latest euro code of practice and design stages.

Latest Tools

Our team make use of the latest tools, software, to draft a high quality and sustain drawings for all type of clients.


Our team are professionals. Our team can handle all building structural design works, this is to ensure our clients get the best results.


Our team are collaborative and work in close collaboration with builders, clients, architects, commercial developer, and contractors.

Innovation and Creativity

Our team are highly creative and bring innovate ideas to each design. Contact us to find out more.


Frequently Most Asked

Structural engineers are professional and experienced consultants who handle each and every aspect of the building project skeleton. They check the frame of property, foundation, roof, ant movement, deformation or any structural related issues to your property. Contact our structural engineer Coventry to find out more.


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Look no further than Cullinan Construction Consultants. With years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry, we will always be able to offer you the best solutions for your project.

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