We provide construction and building works to all sectors  including residential, house owners, commercial clients, educational, industrial, healthcare, restoration and new build construction.

Pre Construction and Building Contracting

We are involved in pre-construction up til post-construction to provide a complete design and construction solutions, ensuring project success. We work with a team of highly qualified and skilled construction builders, building contractor, and consultants, including designers, estimators, quantity surveyors, cost managers, project managers, building managers, contract administrators, and approved building services contractors that guarantee to save your time, effort, and money whilst maintaining high level of quality throughout the project.

New Build

Commercial Property Maintenance

Building Inspection

New Home Inspections

Building Valuation

Building Demolition

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If your looking for a new build home, a commercial warehouse, house extension, building repairs, house refurbishment or an extension to house or school or hospital or a new luxury hotel. Our multi-disciplined team of new build contractors and building maintenance company or property maintenance services can help transform your vision to life and bring the best value at your budget. We have a complete team of architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors project managers and a builder team to help you deliver your whole project, or we can even help you if you require only specific works. We have extensive experience in construction of new builds, construction of sustainable buildings to meet current standards.

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New Build & House Remodeling Contractors

Depending on the clients’ needs and the site conditions, we offer bespoke and tailor-made services. If you have an existing building plan or want to design a new one, we can help you. Through project management and the use of high-quality materials, our builders can ensure that new builds are delivered in a timely and efficient manner. A full range of trades are available to us, and we can assist on building sites or take over complete new builds. We are also experienced on taking projects like, extensions, basement construction, load bearing wall removal, retaining wall construction, building maintenance services and many more. 

Barn Conversion

In addition to listed buildings and local buildings, we have renovated and refurbished old buildings and barns.

House Extension

Our team can assist you if you are interested in a house extension. For your choice, we produce 2D and 3D drawings.

New Build

We are a multi-disciplined team of experts including new builders and contractors who can help you with your new build projects.

Commercial Build

We offer tailored building works for commercial development including warehouse construction, CAT A/B fit-out, and general construction.

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Extension Builds

We specialise in all sort of projects such as small extensions, side extensions and commercial extension of buildings and properties. We can do the following building extensions: rear extension, wrap around extension, double story extension, kitchen extension, side return extension, porch extension, sunroom extension, conservatory roof conversions, barn renovation and many more. Get in touch with building construction near me or home extensions builders or construction companies near me. 

A leading Extension Builder or Construction and building Maintenance

Depending on your needs, the size of the extension, the types of materials and the kind of property you have, a house extension will cost you a certain amount. A non-obligatory site survey will be conducted by us and a written quotation will be sent to you afterward. We will provide you with a contract for a fixed fee based on specifications laid out in the contract if you wish to have your house extension or commercial building extension built by us. Extra fees may apply if any major changes are made to the specification. Get in touch with extension builders near me, building maintenance services, house maintenance services, and house remodeling company. 

Bespoke Design Options

We are experts of highly professional and experience contractors and interior designers.

Sustain Design

We create the best design for clients and developers and inline with local authority and building regulations.

Tailored Solution to Projects

Our services are bespoke and tailored to each individual project and inline with clients requirement.

Timely Completion

We ensure to meet the deadline to each stage and within the agreed proposed time frame withour defects.

Latest Software & Tools

We use the latest construction tools, softwares and advanced technology for the project design and development.

Construction & Alteration

Building control and planning permission is required subject to the type of alternation, this can include loft conversation and other alterations. Some internal works do not require planning permission. If you are unsure, we can provide you with guidance on if either is required and we can also help you with the full application process.

Thinking about converting your loft attic space and unsure of what type of conversion you may require? We can help convert attics and loft spaces of any size. In an unused loft space, we can create living spaces that are functional and attractive for your whole family to enjoy.  We as home extension builders can add a loft to your home which give you one of the largest rooms in the house as well as add significant value to it. We tailor every conversion to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Home Builders ​

As a home builders expert, we can help with the design, planning, and construction stages. We cover home building and construction nationwide in UK including Shropshire and midlands. A vast range of design and construction work can be carried out by our team of professionals with extensive knowledge of both traditional and modern building techniques and finishes. Starting with planning, to completing ground works, to completing the construction, we manage the entire project from start to finish.

We convert properties to a very high standard while maintaining the original features and character that make them enjoyable to live in. An expert approach is required when building a new design as a home builder, as well as a methodical approach. Buildings, regardless of their structural characteristics, will require different approaches, whether they are timber-framed or masonry barns or modern steel or concrete portal framed buildings. An understanding of working with historic structures is important when restoring existing structure or a new build. . For more info look for home builders or building construction near me.

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Building Demolition

As an expert in construction industry we offer building demolition to all sectors including residential and commercial. We manage all type of demolition works whether it is demolishing a house or demolishing industrial unit, we have all the latest tools and techniques to safely demolish, dismantle and disposal of the building. Our team are fully trained on how to effectively manage each demolition phase.

We have a bespoke strategy for each demolition project. Our services include all type of demolitions, for example, residential demolition, commercial demolition, demolition construction, structure demolition. We are one of the best industrial and house demolition companies in UK. Our tools ranges from hydraulic breaker, jack hammer, concrete cutter/saw, selector grabs, excavators, and dumpers. We cover all parts of UK for demolition and rebuild. Contact us by searching for home demolition near me, demolish company near me or demolition near me. 

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Our Core Expertise Post Design

We cover a wide range of construction services post design to ensure that our clients can benefit the entire building process through a single point of contact. Our post design services includes.


Frequently Most Asked

1- Using new materials and innovations allows for higher specification in a new build. 2- Lower maintenance for at least until 10 years guarantee period that is usually offered with new builds. 3- If you decide to refurbish an existing home or building, there can be limited choice of designs based on the structure of the building. With a new build, you can take a part in the design of layout, interior features and really put your stamp on it. With a new construction project, the possibilities are endless. 4- Your new building will hold an increased value for when you may want to resale. 5- Energy efficiency can be achieve in a new build by using the latest technologies to lower bills. 6- New build allow an ease to install the latest smart innovations.

There are 3 stages in new build, design, concept and build completions.

We can build from small extensions to large buildings and anything in between. We have many client that prefer to use the same contractor to complete a refurbishment project that includes other rooms and build requirements e.g. bathroom refurbishment, garage conversions, loft conversions and so on. Our multidiscipline team is capable of saving you time, energy and cost by streamlining schedule of works and reducing labour costs.

It is perfectly possible to live in during the work, although some clients choose to move out. Until your new kitchen extension is complete, we can create a modular temporary kitchen for you. Please note, if there is no rear access available, our team and build materials will need to be transported through the house. If this is the case full protection of your floor surface is put in place.

An extended warranty of 12 months covers all of our extensions against defects.

Building Control Officers are assigned when a build begins. The purpose of their presence is to make sure the project is completed safely and on time. Building Control Officers can contact our Design Team with any questions they may have throughout the build.

The structure of an original building must be surveyed before repurposing it. To comply with Building Control regulations, It is important to get expert advice and work with Structural Engineers. Our multi-disciplined team includes Structural Engineers and barn conversion specialists that can provide assistance to facilitate smooth running of your conversation without unnecessary delays.

1- Traditional loft conversion - complete conversion build and fitout 2- Part loft conversion - We can help build the structure and you can do the rest. 2- Roof Lift - This will allow to add extra height and walls to create open space 3- Hip to gable loft - This allows to create more space by extending the roof ridge line 4- Truss loft conversion - Remove the truss's and Reconfigure of weight to the beams.

Fire doors and fire safety doors are our specialty, offering unparalleled quality and performance. As industry leaders, we take pride in delivering the best fire protection solutions, ensuring the utmost safety and security for your premises.


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