We offer a variety of professional service solutions in structural design for new houses, commercial buildings, home extensions and renovating old ones.


Our team of specialised engineers will develop professional design reports, technical drawings as well as specifications that conform with the local authority regulations and building control standards, respectively. Contact Us Today. 

Design Calculation

Technical Design


Lateral Movement Report

Survey Document

Calculation for Structural Designs

We can help with all sort of projects either residential or commercial. We have designed critical structures and carried out calculations for wall cracks, ground subsidence, foundation movement etc. A detailed report produced, provides all necessary inspection details and findings along with remediation strategy. In addition to above, the report highlights each issues and how they can be dealt accordingly and what cost is involved. A complete cost breakdown is provided to reduced the risk of any hidden items. Call our expert structural engineers and discuss your project, today. 

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Structural Engineers in Wolverhampton

Our team comprises of skilled professionals, having years of field experience. Our team includes Revit modellers, CAD analyst, structural analyst, designers BIM modellers who are focused on ensuring that every design undertaken is precise and accurate and in line with British Standards and building regulations.

Additionally, our experts use industry-related structural design codes alongside offering complete feasibility studies/proposals based on different aspects/ideas (foundation/walls/roof etc) including conceptual designs and detailed cost comparisons.

Structural model

Building an extension or rectifying a new or existing structure, we can help you in all sort of projects. 

Detailed Analysis

We can provide a comprehensive survey report and a detailed condition on any sort of property prior purchase or sale. 

Crack Detection

Our expert engineers can tell what causes cracks to your property and how it can be rectified safely. 

Technical Calc

Our services comprise of assessment on structural integrity & extensive analysis of  property technical data. 

Our Process

Few structural design stages that are followed under our structural engineer design services:

Concept Plan

This entails taking into account several aspects that affect the design and calculation of the structure. Upon analysis, this brings out possible options that can be adopted to suit the structure and client better. The design draft gets into concept share prior approval along with British standards and inline with building regulation.


In this process the concept design gets a final shape. Include reassessing the design, any error and any potential risk are rectified. This shape into technical design for construction.


The last phase is where the construction take place as per the design given. Once the construction is commenced the engineers visit the site for accuracy and ensuring the contractor has followed the design.

structural engineering

Why Choose US

We have expertise in both residential and commercial sector. we have highly qualified UK-wide structural engineers who ensure the project design always structurally sound and long lasting, eliminating reduced shear force and movement forces. We operate nationwide, some of the cities are Telford, Chester, Shrewsbury Cannock and Wolverhampton.

Design Codes

Our design structural engineers implement British code of practice and latest design codes.

Software Tools

We ensure the use of latest tools, technology , and equipment for the design and calcs of any structure.


our professional team handle all sort of structural design work, we make sure our clients receive the best results.


Our expert team follow collaboration strategy with both clients and contractors. We make sure every aspect of project is considered.


We offer practical and sustainable solutions, we promote creativity with innovation.


Frequently Most Asked

It’s hard to tell exactly how much without knowing more or seeing the plans. Normally for an extension design the cost is £1200 to £2200. We recommend conducting free consultations where we can do rough estimates for your projects.

We cover most areas - contact us today and find out.


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