Whenever you want to renovate your home or add an extension which require knocking wall or adding roof / foundation, you will need a structural engineer for drawing and calculations.


From the moment you reach out to us at Cullinan Construction Consultants, our experienced engineers will create and plan effective design calculations, technical drawings, and specifications for your project. All these are in accordance with current building regulation as well as local planning approval.

We offer our services but not limit to new builds, commercial building, refurbishments, residence extensions and conversions.

Load Bearing Analysis

Technical Design


Dilapidation Report

Structural Survey

Structural Design & Assessment

If your place of residence or workplace has cracked walls or subsidence due to foundation movement then let us use our panel of professionals who will give an extensive advice remediate the subsidence. We offer our services to both homeowners and commercial customers. Your report includes all factual findings arising from detailed inspections. It is possible that we could determine what issues (if any) there are involving your property. And clearly outline remedial measures or where further investigations would need to be done. The report states the defect detail and costs involved when a property needs remedial work or repairs. For more information on our services get in touch with our structural engineers in Telford.


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Design Team

Our team full of experience consists of high-tech designers, BIM modellers, architectural engineers, Revit and many others among them.
We review each project individually and have tailored strategy for each project based on client requirement and local regulation. The main consideration is always the intended use while other secondary aspects are considered such as aesthetics, societal values, legal requirements, economic viability and environmental impact assessment.Choose our skilled team for your project. 

Code of Practice

Our engineers are up to date with the current codes of practice concerning engineering structures in the UK.

Latest Software

We utilise modern equipment,  and tools for designing any kind of a structure both residential and commercial project.

Skilled Team

Our team of professionals responsible for all structural design work that ensures you achieve optimum results.


As a team, together with your contractors we will consider each aspect of project while closely working with you.

construction cost management


Years Experience

Property Design Analysis by our design engineers

We carry range of design assessment services based on size, shape and type of project. The design analysis are as below but not limit to. 

  • Design Property Analysis
  • Dilapidation Survey
  • Movement Design
  • Live & Dead Load
  • Design BIM
  • Design Analysis Strategy
  • Commercial Design
  • Subsidence Design
  • Deformation Cause
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Structure Integrity 
  • Euro Code Analysis
  • Final Detailed Remediation and Analysis
  • Building Control Report
  • Shear Force Diagram
  • BIM Model 2/3D
  • Permitted Planning

Choose structural engineers in Telford

In line with construction industry expectations about standards followed by experts-our specialists comply with every necessary law obligation, Structural codes and Property Plan thus keeping their professional ethics intact. In this regard, the services of design supplied by us range from feasibility analysis and conceptual design development to detailed technical design among various other designs and in-depth analysis.

Structural Design

We can design your project whether it is a new build or existing expansion. Contact us today and lets get started.

Survey Report

Our team will give you an elaborate survey report that has all the details about the condition of your structural property.

Crack Monitor

We shall identify what is truly causing cracks on any part of your building and recommend our best solution for it.

Technical Calcs

It is possible to get a full assessment of a load bearing as well as dilapidation inspection report that covers every aspect of project.

Planning Is Key

During the planning stage, careful consideration of several factors affects the dimensions and design of structures.


Frequently Most Asked

We are experts in construction and design solutions working with structural engineers in Telford. Be it for commercial or residential purposes; we have the expertise and wherewithal required to handle such projects. Our structural engineers in Telford specialise in designing and providing clients with the most suitable building designs.

Structural engineers oversee all elements of a building's frame. Their ultimate responsibility is to ensure that both structure and foundation can adequately resist applied loads. We advise on remedial alterations through tests based on practicality, simplicity and economy. In our approach, no two buildings are alike; each is handled as an individual unit by taking due care about every detail.

For your pre-existing architectural plans our engineers specialise in structural consultations. However, if you do not have any or they are insufficient for our needs, we will evaluate what areas in them need to be modified structurally so that compliant designs can be produced after meeting building regulations.


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