We provide bespoke structural design solutions through our  Structural Engineers Birmingham. We cover all type of projects, commercial, residential, renovation, refurbishment, hospital, retail, education etc. Contact us and find out more. 


Structural engineers at our company will prepare an integrated detailed design and property calculation, along wiht technical drawings, and specifications for your project. The drawings will comply with local building regulations and planning approval. Aside from dealing with structural designs and architecture, we also provide site inspections to coordinate with contractors to achieve the best cost-effective and safe construction method. We specialise in all sectors including new builds, commercial construction projects, remodeling or conversions both residentially and commercially.

We are distinguished from our competitors by ensuring top-notch design service provision at all times.

Local Structural Engineer

RSJ Beam Design

Structural Calculations

Load Bearing Structure

Site Survey Analysis

Structural Survey & Report

Our team of specialists offers homeowners and commercial clients a comprehensive reports on all structural issues including wall cracks, foundation settlement, live load movement, subsidence issues and floor movement cracks. Call us to discuss your project, whether it is existing structure issue or new drawings as per concept (architect drawings), we are here to help. Contact Structural Engineer Birmingham for a no obligation quote.  

We are here to help?

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Professional Design Team

We have a highly skilled and high-tech designers, architectural engineers, Revit drafters, CAD technicians and BIM modelers who deliver the best designs to the client. Our designs are in-line with current euro codes and building regulations. Our structural engineers are working on towards achieving net-zero carbon designs so to have a sustainable construction. Our team handles your project from start to finish of design including, offering post contract duties – Hence single point of contact for client – Reduced site risk as less contractors involvement.

Structure Desing

We offer the top structural designs and calculations for your building project. 

Survey Analysis

We can provide a detailed comprehensive structural report for your building project. 

Wall Crack

If you are experiencing any sort of wall crack to external wall, contact us to arrange a site visit. 

RSJ Calculation

We have experience in calculating the structure load and RSJ design for the openings. 

Why Choose US

We are highly expert in designing building structures for all sectors including residential, home owners, developers, commercial development, and local council clients. Our experienced structural engineers are specialised in detailed design and offer clients with the best possible construction design solutions. To get more information look for structural engineers Birmingham. We are here to help.

Structural Codes

Our all designs for all sectors are continuously updated with latest euro structural codes. Our design falls under BS code practice.

Technology Use

Our experts use the latest tools and techniques when design and calculating any project, for both commercial client and residential home owners.

Vast Expertise

Our experts handle each and every aspect of design from very start of project and also assisting in project completion. contact us today.

Collaborative Team

Our experts of engineers and architects work closely with client and other parties involved to provide the best quality designs.

Creative & Innovative

Our experts always consider bring creative and innovative designs, to go beyond client satisfaction.


Frequently Most Asked

They are experts in assessing the building structure - its like examining bones in human structure. Structure engineer determine the structure stability and longevity of building.

If you have any structural issue (below or above ground) structural engineer can assess and provide recommendation and advise on possible solutions.


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