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Reasons Why Your Project Needs a Quantity Surveying Company for Maximising Efficiency and Cost Savings

quantity surveying company is essential if you are planning a major construction project. If you are starting building works then you need to be thinking about selecting quantity surveyors and understanding how they can benefit your project and save time and money.  Let’s look at what a quantity surveyor does, and how they will positively impact your construction project.

The Role of a Quantity Surveyor and How We Can Help You

Professional quantity surveyors usually have a number of exclusive roles within a building project, and they are essential to the satisfactory conclusion of all work packages. They are generally involved at every step of a build, from inception to final commissioning and are usually seen as having a pivotal role in the business.   

Quantity surveyors are trained, qualified, and have the market experience to undertake anything from small property modifications to major building works on residential, commercial and even industrial projects, and would usually be one of the main sign-off authorities for project completion.  

What Does a Quantity Surveyor Do?

A quantity surveyor will undertake a number of different roles during a project, and can usually expect to be the overall design, manage and financial authority.  In addition, the quantity surveyor will undertake a number of crucial roles on a project, such as:

  • Site Survey. Even before the work starts, the quantity surveyor may be asked to advise on the potential of a new site and the feasibility of it being right for the project in respect of managing and contractual terms. 
  • Cost analysis. Once a site is selected, they may act as a cost consultant and provide a detailed breakdown of the potential construction cost analysis.
  • Planning. Undertake a construction project planning role and create work packages in a logical order for project completion.
  • Compliance lead. Understand and manage all legal, regulatory, and compliance issues.
  • Technical lead. Act as site lead on all technical, and commercial needs.
  • Financial authority. Deal with site and project finances.
  • Design authority. Act as final sign-off authority for the project.

Why Do I Need One?

Building constructions are highly complex undertakings that must be handled correctly to ensure that they meet project, regulatory, safety, and financial requirements. Ideally, all of these tasks need to be carried out by one person with authority. Because of the diversity of the role, this typically falls to the chartered quantity surveyor. 

Value Engineering – Maximising Value, Minimising Costs

Because they have such a large input on a project, it is essential that you engage quantity surveying firms as soon as possible to get the project defined and started.  The earlier that you can engage a professional surveyor onto your task, the quicker it can be started.  A good quantity surveyor is worth their weight in gold to your project.

What Does a Quantity Surveyor Bring to the Table?

Depending upon the size of your build, you may have a number of professional engineers, construction professionals and sub-contractors working on it. Adding layers of management for all of these can increase problems and lead to mistakes. By employing the best quality surveying firms, you can help ensure that your project is managed from one point of contact and to the very highest professional standards.

Cost Management Expertise

Most residential, commercial, and industrial building projects are extremely cost-sensitive.  Profit margins are often very tight and expert cost management is essential to prevent the project from going over-budget. A quantity surveyor consultant has the expertise to deal with all of the financial considerations and ensure that the project is kept on financial track. 

Quantity Surveying Consultancy Project Control

The many different strings of a complex building project need to be under the control of one entity and quantity surveying firms are ideal for this for two distinct reasons:

  • They are consummate professionals, dedicated to getting the job done to agreed standards and on time.
  • They have the right skills and training to be able to deal with any issue that comes up within the project.

Having this one point of contact for everything to do with the project helps streamline operations and ensure that all of the required tasks are completed on time.

How Can We Help You?

Cullinan are professional quantity surveyors and are ready to help you with your residential, commercial, or industrial building project.  We have unmatched experience in carrying out all of the technical and project-related tasks essential to the timely conclusion of your project.  Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Why is Cost Management Important to a QS?  

Having access to accurate and up-to-date financial reports are essential to the efficient running of the project.  Typically, a project will have a huge number of purchasing inputs and expenditure, and these have to be controlled through cost management to ensure that spend is measured and accountable. The best quantity surveying firms do this effortlessly.

Why is Quantity Surveying and Cost Estimation Important?  

Any project needs a firm hand to steer it, and this is typically the role of the construction quantity surveyors. Within that holistic role, one of the major elements is that of cost estimation as part of the overall project planning function. This is one of the most important foundational elements in the project as, if the finances fail, then it can have a serious impact on the entire project. The quantity surveying team will have the experience to deal with any financial issues as they arise.

Why Are Quantity Surveyors Important? 

You want your project to run seamlessly, and that means placing overall control in the hands of professionals. In construction projects, that control is usually carried out by the construction quantity surveyors associated with the build because they are close to all project strands, and have the experience to deal with any eventuality that comes up.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Quantity Surveyor?  

When you employ commercial QS, you are assured that you will have a team who are dedicated to ensuring that your project runs like clockwork. Starting from a thorough pre-site inspection, and through to final project sign-off, your commercial building surveyors will professionally handle every aspect of your build, and ensure that it proceeds flawlessly.

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