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How to Find the Right Architectural Design Services for Your Project Needs.

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Architectural design services are an essential part of any construction development and are regarded as being the most fundamental stage. Undeniably, planning for and constructing a new building is a major undertaking, and on that you will want it to be done properly. While some prefer to project manage a large construction project themselves, the safest and most cost-effective way is to employ an experienced professional architect and management company to do it for you.   In this article we will discuss what architectural design services are and how to find the right level of services for your project.

What are Architectural Design Services?

If your construction is not designed correctly, then everything that follows on from building and into commissioning will be based on that poor design, and that could prove to be disastrous.  The best architecture firms will start the design process by surveying the area and understanding the features within the area and how they would impact the design and build.  From that point, it becomes relatively easy to produce a 3D cad design that is fully representative of the intended build.

What Does the Architectural Design Process Require?

While those tasks might sound quite straightforward, they are actually highly technical in nature and need to be carried out by trained and skilled professionals. The process of planning a new property has a number of steps, including:

  • Concept design for the finished construction under RIBA.
  • Detailed design specification – Technical Phase.
  • The seeking of planning permission.
  • Exact Measurements.
  • Post Design – Construction Phase
  • Excavation and Construction.  
  • Building up the above-ground structure.
  • Installation M&E electrical and water systems.
  • Finishing touches and commissioning.

These steps are very similar regardless of whether you are considering a residential property, a multi-floor business suite, or an industrial unit. Typically, an architectural designer will be trained to deal with any of these, and regardless of size.

The architectural designer will typically be involved in all of these steps, but will usually switch roles from hands-on to project overseer as the build moves into the actual construction phase.

The architectural effort is focused on the technical side of the development and ensuring that sustainable building design remains at the forefront of the project. At the most fundamental level, the best architecture firms deal with your building design from all aspects and provide continuity between the contractors working on it.

How Architectural Design Services Ensure a Smooth Build.

While it seems that modern constructions appear quickly, the design and building effort is still substantial and will include many aspects of modern building practice. There are a number of legislative requirements with any construction and stringent rules to follow once planning permission has been granted. But this is where the best architectural firms really shine as they will understand all of the requirements associated with positioning, planning permission, and building requirements.

Once the planning and design functions have been completed, your architectural designer will swap over to a project management role and will ensure that the entire construction is carried out in line with the specifications. 

Finally, your architect will ensure that the building is fully commissioned and meets legislation.  These professional services are essential to make sure that your building is constructed in the right way, is fully safe, and meets stringent planning permission rules.

How To Engage Architectural Design Services.

Finding an architectural designer in your area can be accomplished in a number of ways. In many cases, it is as easy as carrying out an internet search using keywords and strings such as architect services London, or architect services near me.  Doing this will likely produce a good range of results that will show the architectural firms in UK, and specifically in your area.  It is always preferable to engage with a design company close to you, as should any problems occur with the build, you will want to have your architect close to hand to sort them out.

Building on Design Services.

Once you have successfully engaged with a professional, you will be able to put your goals into a project that can be delivered with the help of the design brief, which will also provide the architect with direction regarding the services they should provide. All of the time and effort that is invested in clarifying the requirements is time well spent and will help ensure that your project is designed in the right way from the very start. A number of stages will typically be involved in the development of the brief, but this time will make sure that all subsequent work is carried out as intended.

In most cases, any construction company that you choose will have connections to professional architectural designers and will be able to direct you to appropriate companies in your area. There are many construction companies around so make sure that you check their client feedback in the first instance before making a decision.


What is an Architectural Design Service?

Professional architectural designers are the backbone of any residential or complex building project. They generate 2D cad designs that can then be built up into 3D architectural models that act as the basis for manufacturing drawings.  In this way, the entire construction is controlled by trained and experienced professionals at all times.

What Does Architectural Design Include?

Architectural design usually includes the whole package from initial concept design through detailed 3D cad models and construction drawings that are used for construction of project.  The designer will usually also supply the project management function to ensure that the construction is as smooth as possible, and that there are no loose ends when it is commissioned.

Why Are Architectural Design Important?

The development of a major construction or minor residential project such as a residential or multi-floor commercial building is a highly complex undertaking and one that could go seriously wrong if it were not approached in the right way. Constructing a new property requires detailed analysis of the surrounding areas in the form of a technical survey, and structural design calculations to ensure that the planned building is capable of operating as expected and meets local legislation. 

In addition, it is essential that all of the sub-systems such as utilities and drainage are designed appropriately.  Architectural designers are typically highly trained civil engineers and will have the background and training to be able to complete these calculations, however it is always best to involve a structural engineer upon completion of architect design.  The best construction companies can often recommend an architectural designer who will suit your specific needs.

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