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Our specialization lies in providing exclusive, top-quality construction related services with proficiency in Fire Door Solutions. In our project, we strive to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance. We can provide any relevant service you require including fire door installation, fire door maintenance, fire stopping and fire compartmentation for both residential and commercial sectors.   

Fire Doors Installation

To ensure the safety of your building occupants it is vital to confirm that your fire doors are installed correctly. By getting our Fire door installation services we aimed to provide the peace of mind to our customer, that the fire doors are installed by professionals. We guarantee a seamless process by providing every detail from initial assessment to final installation.

Fire-rated locks & latches

Self-closing mechanism

Certified door frame

Smoke seals

Fire-rated hinges

Fire Rated Doors

  Internal Fire Doors: Our internal fire doors are top quality doors that are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke in the event of fire hence enhancing the safety within building.

 External Fire Doors: For outdoor or external fire doors are designed to resist the fire to required period, which allows the occupant to leave the building safely. Our fire doors come in various design and colours offer aesthetic finish that matches interior or exterior of property along with offering protection against the fire spread.

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Fire Rated Doors for Every Application

We offer a wide product range in fire rated doors to cater the requirements and specifications of our customer. To ensure the safety, durability and reliability in spreading of fire during any unfortunate incident our fire rated doors are manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Variety of Options: Choose from a broad selection of fire-rated doors, each engineered to meet specific fire safety requirements.
  • Custom Solutions: Keeping in mind the optimal safety and compliance our services include providing custom solutions to clients.
Fire Door Maintenance by cullinan construction consultant

Reliable Fire Door Maintenance

To guarantee the full functioning of the fire door it is advised to get regular maintenance check that requires inspections, repairs and replacement.  We offer:

  • Scheduled Inspections: Consistent checks to recognise and fix any potential issues before they turn out to be a serious hazard.
  • Repair Services: Prompt and efficient repairs to maintain the integrity of your fire-rated doors.
  • Replacement Solutions: To ensure continuous protection we offer replacement services, if a fire door cannot be repaired.
certified fire doors

Why Choose us as Fire Door Company?

Understanding the criticality of fire safety in construction project is what makes us leading fire door company. To meet the needs of our prestigious customers our experienced consultants make sure to provide tailored solutions. Here is why you should be selecting us.


Your safety is our priority. Trust us to provide the best fire door solutions for your construction projects.

Deft Consultation

Our experienced team provide the tailored consultation according to your requirement of Fire rated doors for your project.

Extensive Services

We cover each and every aspect of fire door installation and its maintenance as well ranging from internal fire door to fire door external.


Our team are highly experienced in designing and constructing all your needs. We ensure our clients gets best results.

Safety Compliance

We make sure to comply with all safety regulations and standards for our all-Fire door installations.

Installation Service

Ensures proper professional fire rated doors fitting and functionality, which is critical for building safety and compliance.


Frequently Most Asked

Fire rated doors are specially designed to resist fire and smoke for a specified time period, typically 30 to 90 minutes. They're made of fire-resistant materials, feature intumescent seals, and include self-closing mechanisms. These doors are crucial for building safety, slowing fire spread and allowing time for evacuation. They must be properly installed and maintained to meet building codes and safety standards.

In most cases, you don't need planning permission to install fire doors in the UK. However, listed buildings may require consent, and you must comply with building regulations. It's best to use a certified installer and inform local building control about the work.

Fire doors offer crucial benefits: Contain fire and smoke spread, Increase evacuation time, Protect property, Ensure legal compliance, May reduce insurance costs, Provide sound insulation, Improve energy efficiency, Enhance overall building safety. These doors are essential for protecting lives and property during fires.

Fire rated doors are typically made of: "Steel" Commonly used for high fire ratings "Timber" Often treated with fire-retardant chemicals "Composite materials" Engineered for fire resistance "Mineral cores" Used in some wooden fire doors "Glass" Fire-resistant glass panels in some designs The doors also include fire-resistant hardware, intumescent seals, and sometimes insulation materials. The specific materials and construction depend on the required fire rating and intended use of the door.


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