Bunker Construction

As bunker builders we offer latest and unique Bunker Design and Construction which is fully secure and discreet. We offer a complete underground bunker home for your families, commercials, celebrities and government authorities or military.

Bunker Builders

Our engineers will plan and create an effective design and build solution for your bunker construction which will have an ultra strength to nuclear impact along with possessing luxurious bunker properties. Effectively constructed bunker will resist all type of external impact including the electromagnetic pulse and radiation caused in nuclear events, hence it is important to have an experienced bunkers engineers like us who understand the complete procedure including technical and hydraulic design of bunkers. Every bunker is designed and build bespoke to your needs and geographic location.

Concept Bunker Design

Technical & Hydraulics

Structural Calculations

Shock / Impact Calculations

Building a Bunker

Bunker Design

We offer a luxurious bunker design including backyard bunker designs and basement bunker design and build models that not only offers a safety but also a luxurious living space or second home under the ground. We take every part into consideration when design and building a bunker for you. We look at the ground conditions, environmental space, surrounding landscape, discreet location, fire strategy, flood occurrence, ground movement, water table and many more.

Based on the survey we design the concept and technical plan which details the construction and technical specification, including foundation types, lateral movement resistance, shear forces, bending movement, RCC walls impact and many more.
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Underground Bunker builders

All our bunkers construction and design are bespoke to clients requirement. Bunkers are equipped with all major components such as toilets, sump pumps, heat & ventilation system, BMS, specialist doors, resistant wall, water filters and storage system, advanced HEPE filters, offering protection, vibrancy and beauty of home. 

Our bunker engineers follow all the design codes relevant to the construction of bunker making it safe and sound. Our bunker designing services includes, Feasibility ground test, Conceptual design, Technical aspect and M&E hydraulics of construction and completion. 

Why Choose US

We create secure underground spaces that are totally secure, and utterly discreet. Whatever happens in the outside world, you, your family and your precious possessions will always have a safe and comfortable place close to hand. Creating a unique and balanced underground structure is what we do. Lifelong structures offering safety and luxury are our priceless gift to our clients. When it comes to protecting yourself against nuclear explosions or wars attacks, we can provide you with specialist underground nuclear bunkers, offering safety and long-life luxury. Search online for bunker building companies or bunker builders near me you will find us on google and bing.

Bunker Design

Our expert engineers have years of experience in designing a bespoke bunker offering safety and beauty of home.

Structural Analysis

We undertake a detailed ground investigation prior any design to ensure the structure safety and durability against external impacts.


Our team are highly experienced in designing and constructing a bunker to your needs. We ensure our clients get the best results.


As an experienced team, we work in close collaboration with client, and we take into consideration all the aspect of project.


Our bunker construction engineers offer creative and innovative build solutions bespoke to your needs.


Frequently Most Asked

Bunkers are protective shells designed to protect people and valuable materials from falling bombs, artillery, and other attacks. Bunkers are defensive structures against external impact. A bunkers are constrcuted underground.

The answer is YES. You will require a planning permission to construct a bunker, as these structures are considered as a building structure.

Yes we do design and build bunker. We offer a complete design, plan and construction of bunker to your needs. We offer bespoke solution to your requirements. We can provide backyard bunker designs, basement bunker design and nuclear shelter bunker design.

With an underground bunker you can keep your self safe including your family and any expensive possessions.

London has the most bunkers located in capital with record of 62 as of 2024, while Birmingham and Manchester have recorded less than 20 as of 2024. Bunker in London, Bunker in Birmingham, Bunker in Manchester.


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