We provide professional structural engineering services that creates safe, sustain and cost-effective structural designs for both residential and commercial properties.


We as a Cullinan Construction Consultants are design leaders in commercial or residential structural engineers in Northampton. We always ensure that the most effective structural design, reports, and calculations are used for each project. Our design and services are tailored to each project. We have excellent skills at designing structural and non-structural elements of project that fulfills both categories, sustainably and budget. We can help if you want to discuss your project.

Calculation Report

Technical Data


Subsidence Report

Survey and Inspection

Property Analysis & Survey Report

If you are looking to renovate your existing house, new built or commercial property we can create a cost-effective design and report that provide all the necessary requirement to retain as a long lasting. We offer our services to all stakeholders including architects, homeowners, landlords, property investors. For new buildings, commercial properties, refurbishments, residential extensions, or conversions, look no further than our independent firm. We offer a complete permitted design development.

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Expert Team

Upon making contact with Cullinan Construction Consultants, our experienced engineers will not waste any time in coming up with design calculations aligned with building and local council regulations. Our team use latest tools and technology which is combined with innovation to offer a unique and latest design. It is vital that everything we do is above board and certified.

Structural Design

Contact us if you want a structural design for your new build or existing home or if you want to add an extension. 

Survey Report

We can create a detailed structural report based on the RICS report to highlight the structural elements on property. 


We can investigate and find the root cause of subsidence. This could be due to many factors. Contact us to find out more.

Technical Report

We can help with all type of property. We provide a detailed technical report for both residential and commercial type. 

construction cost management


Years Experience

Assessment & Analysis by our Structural Engineers

We carry range of assessment services based on size, shape and type of property. The analysis we carry to structure are as below but not limit to. 

  • Detailed  Property Analysis
  • Dilapidation Report
  • Movement Diagram
  • Live Load Assessment
  • Design Hydraulics
  • Cost Design Analysis
  • Commercial Structure Checks
  • Subsidence Detection
  • Deformation Cause
  • Wind Pressure Assessment
  • Structure Integrity 
  • Euro Code Report
  • Final Detailed Remediation and Assessment
  • Building Control
  • Shear Force Disgram
  • BIM Model 2/3D
  • Permitted Development

Defect Report

If you have noticed cracks appearing on your walls either at home or in your commercial building, it might be best to get a comprehensive report from our expert team who are always happy to help. The reports we write are reliable because we examine every aspect thoroughly. It will also include suggestions regarding repairs and whether further analysis is required after detecting defects - we are experts at all sort of concerns to property. The report gives an estimate of how much the repair of your Northampton based property will cost and what level of structural engineering is required.

Crack Monitor

We can identify what causes the crack for example wall crack, floor crack, foundation movement.

Latest Software

This involves choosing different forms of structure design that contribute well towards solving your property issues.


Our engineers have excellent experience on designing and forming latest structures, which complies with building and local regulations.

Working Collaboratively

We work closely with both you and our contractors for the best and most structured designs.

Technical Calculation

This include inclusive load bearing assessments and comprehensive dilapidation surveys.


Frequently Most Asked

The role of a specialised engineer is to supervise every step of building a framework, from top to bottom. Their main aim is to ensure that both structure and foundation can withstand any potential loads (point and lateral). They will examine structures to assess their practicalities, how simple it is to construct and the durability factors. You're always guaranteed quality with our engineers.

Structural consultations form part of what our engineers do best. They will collaborate well with you and your project either existing structure or new build, but nevertheless when designing anything concrete, our engineers will need to look at what improvements should structurally be made.


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Look no further than Cullinan Construction Consultants. With years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry, we will always be able to offer you the best solutions for your project.

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