construction quantity surveyors

Ensure Expert Guidance From Professional Construction Quantity Surveyors in Birmingham

There are many reasons to search for professionals in the building industry, but construction quantity surveyors are essential when meeting deadlines and staying within budget. With many years of expertise, Cullinan Construction Consultants are Quantity Surveyors in Birmingham that can offer clients a multitude of services including, but not limited to the following.

    • Build Estimating

    • Bill of Quantities

    • Cost Plan

    • Tender Analysis

    • Final Account

    • Construction Contracts

In addition to the many services Cullinan Construction Consultants can provide, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, clients can be confident of professionalism and potential savings on projects. As such, those searching for construction quantity surveyors should get in touch with Cullinan Construction Consultants to discuss their requirements in more detail.

Why Should You Hire the Services of Construction Quantity Surveyors?

Although those within the industry will understand the importance of a quantity surveyor, those working on a project for the first time may be unsure of the benefits the service provides. Not only does hiring a quantity surveyor ensure a project remains within budget, but also offers several other benefits.

construction quantity surveyors

In instances of home extensions, hiring the service of a quantity surveyor ensures that you can obtain a true overview regarding costs, allowing you to make changes before any work commences. 

In other instances a construction quantity surveyor will undertake the responsibility of managing the costs and contracts of the project, allowing clients to focus on other tasks. Given how complex the finances of a project can become, a surveyor can be a cost-effective addition that allows a project to be completed on time.

Why Choose Cullinan Construction Consultants as Construction Quantity Surveyors?

Some people may find it overwhelming when searching for Construction Quantity Surveyors, but using a reputable and reliable company like Cullinan Construction Consultants ensures that you receive the best service possible in every instance.

The following is an overview of why so many people choose us as their quantity surveyors.


To ensure quantity surveyors in Birmingham can carry out a multitude of tasks promptly, they must be experienced. Fortunately, those who work alongside Cullinan Construction Consultants can enjoy a wealth of experience in addition to professionalism and reliability.

Dedicated Team

The reason why Cullinan Construction Consultants can provide prompt and professional service in every instant is due to a dedicated team. Regardless of what your project entails, you can access a skilled and qualified team at all times.

Flexible Pricing

Cullinan Construction Consultants understands no two projects are the same. This is why it always ensures clients receive a tailored quote and provides advice on retaining budget without foregoing professionalism or safety.


Not only can Cullinan Construction Consultants provide clients with innovative approaches, but combine this with creativity to ensure a truly bespoke solution can be provided in every instance.

If you’re keen to find out more about the quantity surveyors in Birmingham or any of the other services Cullinan Construction Consultants can provide, then why not get in touch to discuss your project in more detail?

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