We offer a complete design and calculations for your structural integrity of your property, either residential or commercial. We also offer a complete planning and building control survey. 

Design & Calcs For Structural Analysis

We will provide you with a full design and calculation report for your structure. We use latest software and Update euro codes to make sure your structure (new or existing) complies to current regulations. Our software includes Revit, Tekla structure, Master Deflection determination, and AutoCad. Our team ensures the design incorporates both, the use of sustainable material and strategy for longevity of structure.

Property Analysis

Technical Calcs


Load Bearing Test

Survey Analysis

Structural Design & Survey Report

We as a structural engineer in Leicester, create designs and reports for all type of project including private owner, new built structure, existing structure assessment, and expansion. We also deal with movement cracks in structure, ground subsidence, or lateral foundation movement, we draft a compressive report for both private clients including homeowners and commercial developer. A detail assessment is highlighted on report which also explain the cause and the cost involved and an effective way of building or remediating the structure. We operate in many locations. Contact us today and find out more.

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Cullinan Structural Engineers

Our team of experienced engineers have expertise in structure design and analysis, offering you excellent budget-friendly solutions.
Kindly check our website to explore more about what we do and how can we help you and feel free to contact us at any given time if you need further details or want to talk over your project without obligation

Structure Calcs

We offer load bearing assessment, foundation deformation remediation, Contact us, we’re here to help

Property Extend

We offer a complete design and calculation for a property extension. Contact us today and lets get started. 

Wall Removal

We can determine if the existing wall is safe to removed or would it require a bearing design. Contact us and find out more. 

Loft Conversion

We can convert your loft into living space. We can determine a cost effective way of designing and building a loft. 

construction cost management


Years Experience

Benefit of appointing our Structural Engineers

We have a team of highly skilled and professional structural engineers and designers. We offer.

  • Detailed Property Assessment
  • Detailed Data
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Live Load
  • Value Variations
  • Cost of Works
  • Commercial property checks
  • Subsidence Analysis
  • Deformation
  • Wind load Bearing
  • Structure Integrity and  Down Structure
  • CT Code Report
  • Final Assessment and Remediation 
  • Structure Management
  • Shear Rate Analysis
  • BIM Model Diagram
  • Real Time Data

Design Team

Our professionals can help with new build development to existing renovations or upgrading properties which resulting in durable buildings which are customise as per the latest design regulation while maintaining safety and environmental sustainability. Our core values include communication, collaboration, innovation aimed at working together with our customers to understand their objectives. We offer specialist guidance combined with superior results achieved through having structural engineers in Leicester.

Design Load Codes

Our qualified engineers and drafters are fully aware of up to date euro code of practice and effective design codes.

Latest Technology

We use latest tools and techniques including softwares, like Revit, Tekla, BIM, AutoCad etc. These are the best tools for structural design and calculations.

Experienced Team

Our team are professionals and have years of experience in continuously delivering project. We ensure our clients get the best outcome.


We at Cullinan Construction Consultants operate in close collaboration with both contractors and project client.


At Cullinan Construction Consultants we offer solution under combined, creativity and innovation.


Frequently Most Asked

Whenever designing any structure, it is important to follow through the five necessary steps of design. These are modelling, load analysis, structural analysis, structural design and detailing.

The prime duty of the structural engineers is to create and build strong constructions and buildings that can survive whatever environmental conditions they will encounter as well as making the existing structures more stability. Also in their profession, there are similarities with civil engineering.


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