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We are skilled team of structural engineers. Our Team effectively plan and create sustain design and calculation report, including technical drawings and detailed specifications for your project, which will be in line with NHBC, building regulation and local legislation. 

Structural Integrity

Technical Report


Load Bearing Assessment

Survey Report

Survey & Report

We provide a complete survey and technical report that can highlight the issues to your existing structure and a safe method adopted for rectification. Each survey carried, contains accurate findings from our comprehensive inspections. Whether it is a residential or commercial – existing or new build, we can help you with all sort of complexity.  Items we can highlight are but not limit to wall cracks, ground subsidence, sinking foundation or movement, we can provide a detailed reports. These assessments not only identify defects but also outline steps for remedying them or provide recommendations if further detailed examination is required.

For repairs or other corrective measures that may need to be made, you can find out how much this would cost through our report from Structural Engineers Derby.

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Professional Structural Design

Cullinan Construction Consultants offer a range of comprehensive structural inspections suitable for different clients such as property developers, local authorities, domestic and non-domestic clients, private homeowners among others including interior designer and building surveyors.

Structural Design

We can assist with complete design and calcs for any existing opening or carrying new works.

Detailed Report

A detailed report, highlighting issues that can cause structural concern as the property age. 

Crack Measure

We have the necessary skill to determine the cause of cracks to your property or project.


We offer a detailed report that can be used for planning approval or building control approval.

Our Process

We follow the following process to effectively manage and deliver the structural design. 


In this phase we understand the clients needs and the floor plans given. Upon reviewing the information given, we than start creating a design and assessing the load bearing and live/dead load of structure. We factor all sort of items like ground water table, wind pressure, rain water, snow weight, expansion and contraction movement.


Any options explored or outlined in the planning phase are thoroughly examined and calculated in this phase. This way we select the most appropriate and sustain solution.


Finally, once the planning and design phase is completed and reviewed, the plan shapes to a construction drawings and report. This phase is where contractor follow the construction procedure under the design given.

structural engineering

Why Choose US

We use the best digital BIM processes that generate optimal outcomes for our buildings; thereby pioneering such practices. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises professionals who have diverse knowledge in construction and building design. Our impartial assessments support individual’s with on going dispute with contractors aimed at providing the work negligence and liability or solving any problems involved.

Design Codes

Our skilled engineers are equipped with latest code of structural practice and design codes.

Latest Software

We make sure we always update with latest tools, Revit software, and BIM model for the construction of any Project.


We have a highly skilled team of professionals who manage all structural design, ensuring project gets the best results.


We follow a collaboration strategy so client and contractor and aware of any change through out the process.


We provide practical solutions to each project, we combine the idea with creativity with innovation.


Frequently Most Asked

Structural engineers have more knowledge regarding the structural assessment of building as oppsed to RICS surveyor. We often called out by RICS surveyor to provide a in depth report where there is a skill lack. Hence appointing a structural engineer is crucial when buying or inspecting a property.


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