As a highly regarded independent practice with many years of experience under our architectural belts, we provide a complete architecture and planning service, supported by a team of expert in Architect, infrastructure, landscape architects, engineers, and qualified building specialists. Award-winning architects in Solihull that skyline with stunning designs.

Enhancing The Value of Your Space

Are you looking to bring about a change to completely enhance your space into a luxurious and comfortable property? We are highly experienced in offering expert advice on how to make changes to enhance property value across the board.



BIM Model



3D - Vision to Life

Not only are we proud to be an independent practice, at Cullinan Construction Consultants we also highly pride ourselves in offering exceptional design services.

We will always strive to meet your specific requirements from the very beginning of your journey with architects in Solihull.

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We work by initiating a meeting where we will discuss your large-scale vision, personal requirements, and what you are looking to achieve in the long term. From the very start of our relationship, we will explain the processes involved, discuss timescales, budgets and fees. We always promise to keep the quality and project timescale within these frames and within our agreed budget. With our effective design management we keep you updated through out the process. 

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Bespoke Designs Made for You

Our accomplished and knowledgeable team of highly skilled architects, planner’s, designers, and qualified contractors, will meet your exact requirements – no matter how big or small the project is.
We will send you a detailed, no-obligation fee proposal and written no-obligation agreement outlining exactly what we plan to achieve and by when. Additionally, at Cullinan Construction Consultants we always stay keep up to date with the latest market trends and stay in line with the standards of professional UK bodies.

Improvement Works

Want to make your home bigger and better? We offer excellent home extension services that will give your home an entirely new feel and look.

Create a Loft

We have worked on hundreds of loft conversions over the years. We can turn a drafty loft or attic into a new space, giving it a new lease of life.

3D Virtual

By using modelling, texturing, and lighting, we can create life-like 3D models, giving you a photorealistic 2D image of your new space.

2D Plans

We will use 2D floor plans to give you a clear vision of what all internals will look like once complete. From floor to roof and everything in between.

Choose Architects Solihull West Midlands

It can be tricky understanding the complex laws in relation to listed buildings and conservation areas. However we are a experienced and accredited architects in Solihull who are with you from the very start of your project. We have an excellent record of accomplishment of exceeding your unique expectations with any type of project from home renovations right through to barn conversion and new build. Simply search online for residential architects solihull or best architects solihull, You'll find us prominently featured in the most highly regarded search results.

3D/2D Tailored Design

The art of technology to bring your vision to life using 2D and 3D design technologies.

Unique Experience for You

We will always remain within your budget, and if anything changes, we keep you updated along the way.

On-Time Completion

Have an end date in mind? We will ensure we complete your project. Meeting the deadline

Sustainable Design - RIBA Plan

Local authority guidelines are of the utmost importance and we strive to create the best design.

Latest Technology - Design Tools

As state-of-the-art designers, we use of the latest software, tool and advanced technology.

Our Bespoke Design Services

As a well-respected multi-disciplined name in the building and design arena, Cullinan Construction Consultants provides sustainable state-of-the-art architectural design services and a wide range of bespoke services including, latested building design, loft conversions, house extensions, new build and development, and barn conversions.
The success of your project can be measured in many ways, but at the core is what value has been added to the space in the process. We will work with you to ensure every potential is reached to increase the end value and best result. Our clients have gained so much from our both yours and ours imagination in many different ways. Our promise to you is our continual planning for maximised gain, from a strategic level right down to the finer details.

A Complete Solution - From Concept to Completion

Need help with early cost plan and value engineering? We are more than just an independent practice of architects in solihull. We also offer an entire host of quantity surveying and cost management services. To find out more about budget costing right through to cash flow forecasting and beyond, just get in touch.


Frequently Most Asked

In a nutshell, no architect in Solihull can guarantee planning permission. Instead, this will be down to the discretion of your local planning authority. When it comes to making a planning application, an architect in Solihull will be able to help you to ensure you are following all the recommended guidelines.

Much like in any profession, there are a several types of Architects Certificates. The best professional body are RIBA, RICS, CIOB & CIArb. Make sure to check what type of certificate is held before proceeding.


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Look no further than Cullinan Construction Consultants. With years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry, we will always be able to offer you the best solutions for your project.

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